Celebrate the festival of lights in an interactive space which will make you want to shout L’Chaim (cheers to life)!

The Hanukkah Factory located in Miami, Florida is an immersive experience which brings the story and miracle of Hanukkah to life this holiday season.

Discover multiple rooms which encourage you to dive in and make holiday memories unlike any other, with your friends and family.

Oy to the World of creation!

We have created this attraction with the best artists, creative producers, educators and clergy.

Ignite all five senses while enjoying your favorite Hanukkah traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. The factory utilizes multi-sensorial Hanukkah scenes which include your Hanukkah favorites. From donuts to latkes, menorahs and dreidels this experience will transport you to a place of imagination.

Capture amazing photos that will make your Instagram followers want to light up the night with you and Judah the Maccabee this Hanukkah.

The factory was inspired by the idea that the holidays should create joy and excitement while providing an inclusive environment for celebration regardless of affiliation!

At the Hanukkah Factory everyone will be able to indulge in their gelty – pleasures. From babies to bubbies, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

**People love to receive experiences as gifts, the Hanukkah Factory makes a great gift for anyone on your list this year!



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